Q3pwnz.org and wrong-place.net are in no way affiliated with the fake clone servers that are forwarded to the "Oldschool" server or their administrators Makal1ty and Razor.

Please enter their server at your own risc. Do not share personal information, photo's, nudes. Especially if you are an underage girl.

Do not click or download any of their links as they are known stupid scriptkiddies too.

The real wrong-place (previously q3pwnz) and other servers are listed in the links below:

New Portal Wrong-Place

Old Portal Q3Pwnz

Sodmod 1.11-1.16 server list

Gametracker 1.11-1.16 server list

Have fun fragging!


PS. I have never seen someone THIS jealous on one of my creations before. I guess Makal1ty was really upset I didn't want to sell q3pwnz.org to him because he is not fit as administrator, so I gave it to hmn for free. So now he has to copy it because of sand in his vagina, haha :D

The new servers are up and running. The website will be updated soon.

Please connect to the new servers and not the OLD ones

New Portal Wrong-Place

Old Portal Q3Pwnz

Special thanks to:

All the players who actually came to play and have fun. This game wouldn't have been here without you.

Other awesome server owners that keep wanting to make 1.16 a good place. Thanks Nav (sodmod) hmn (wrong-place).

Thank you to all the good refs who have helped out over the years, especially Boones who has been my right hand man for many years.

Thank you gogman for the q3pwnz logo, its still awesome. Thank you B@ndit for the origional NoGhost Pickup design, those were fun times huh?

Thank you Admin for hosting the servers for free the last year. And thanks Hmn for adopting q3pwnz.org.

Have a good one!