29/05/2020 05:36:09
Para: Temp ban.
28/05/2020 19:15:00
Unnamed: Lol just now had a game and he was back at it xd i didnt say anything but he connected and started, just ignored him this time
28/05/2020 18:04:37
Sarge: Just settle it through a duel, that's how quake works
28/05/2020 17:17:34
Unnamed: Yes i agree with that now. I will try not to respond if anything like thiss happens again. Thanks for taking time out to check the logs
28/05/2020 17:16:09
Para: I understand. I had trouble with him before. But if you argue back... It is better to ignore it and then report it.
28/05/2020 17:11:51
Unnamed: He started all of it is the point and I agree this isnt holy wars so he should not start anything
28/05/2020 17:05:48
Para: And Unnamed, don't send me screenshots that only makes him look like the bad guy while you said disrespectful things too. Now either I have to ban you both, or neither.
28/05/2020 16:54:15
Para: On that note. Gold, behave. You don't want to be banned again this soon after your return. And please praise Allah on a carpet, not in a quake 3 server. Bit disrespectful man...
28/05/2020 16:45:29
Para: I'n my oppinion you were both idiots, looking at the log. These are quake 3 game servers, not stupid holy wars between muslims and hindus :S
27/05/2020 02:59:13
Modest opinion: ***and racism. Shut the fuck your mouth. Hope they will ban idiots like you from Q3PWNZ.
27/05/2020 02:58:03
Modest opinion: "bless: We not in china, we dont ban people i guess" who are you to say "we don't"? Do you even host any server? Who are you? Nobody even knows your nickname, why you even type here? You sound like a typical retard from third world country. You need to put everywhere your gay frustration and racist ...
25/05/2020 16:47:03
Para: If If the law of the country where the server resides makes me a communist. Then sure, I am a communist.
25/05/2020 14:48:38
Unnamed: hi, thanks, using imgu now https://imgur.com/a/LQYWyjp https://imgur.com/EQarR7t
25/05/2020 14:47:37
Bless: Catcha, para is communist, i knew.
25/05/2020 14:25:30
Para: And yes, I do give temporary bans for racism.
25/05/2020 14:24:43
Para: The site you used is known to spread malware. Please used a trusted site and repost. (imgur for pics, pastebin for text)
25/05/2020 06:31:19
Unnamed: Well just saying he started to say stuff after being destroyed 41-2, just thought it's not great for someone to say those things
25/05/2020 06:23:37
Unnamed: Cute
25/05/2020 05:55:46
Bless: Toxicity what a very nice LGBT word... for retards.
25/05/2020 05:55:24
Bless: We not in china, we dont ban people i guess. That person can live as he want. Don't put here your personal problems or wishes you hindu snitcher.
25/05/2020 04:36:48
Unnamed: Please check those messages in the link, very toxic and threatening
25/05/2020 04:34:35
Unnamed: This person "Quakeneverdies" is extremly toxic and racist, please do something about him
13/05/2020 16:48:31
Para: Stupid kiffen
13/05/2020 16:48:12
Para: I have nothing to do with this :S
13/05/2020 16:03:19
///hmn': Q3PWNZ / Wrongplace discord : https://discord.gg/x68kfRm
08/05/2020 22:10:18
Para: yeh sorry, it missed a few characters
08/05/2020 22:09:15
???: cant join ... tell me uncorrect invitation
06/05/2020 03:01:14
Para: Real q3 players are in a home for the elderly?
05/05/2020 20:51:09
Bless: Real q3 players download Megatron model noobs.
05/05/2020 20:11:45
w00t: real q3 players play without a screenr. fokin screen cheaters smh
05/05/2020 17:52:29
???: Real q3 player use pm models instead bright cheat ones. 4iter.
05/05/2020 08:16:25
Bless: I wanted to create super unbelievable animation, but this game kurwa irritating so much. https://youtu.be/_iURZtNGv0Q
04/05/2020 18:16:09
PlayHeart: I downloaded New mod thanks for keep updating your texture mod.
30/04/2020 16:23:26
///hmn': Hello. I released a new and better version of my HD-MOD  grab it at www.q3freeforall.de.to
17/04/2020 23:03:23
Para: And I did make a 100 notes there and told people to note it on facebook, I even made a download page. Not much more I could do
17/04/2020 23:01:56
Lame: No prob ... what's discord server?
17/04/2020 23:00:02
Para: Yeh, that is the same one as the point release in the download dir, you should be fine
17/04/2020 22:59:06
Lame: I downloaded moddb version ... you can make a note :asd
17/04/2020 22:57:34
Para: Well if you use the quake 3 or the NG exe or the official point release, you should be fine. I have unbanned like 50 people in the last weeks who downloaded the facebook link for this false positive, don't worry
17/04/2020 22:55:42
Lame: Let's see ... prob i should be prepared for another ban xd (i copied my defrag quake into seperate folder)
17/04/2020 22:54:54
Para: the unban might take effect on a new map.
17/04/2020 22:54:16
Para: Install point release 1.16 or get the exe, or the exe with the different NoGhost master server.
17/04/2020 22:54:04
Lame: right one sec
17/04/2020 22:53:40
Para: They do it on discord now. You are unbanned, I am guessing you got the facebook link. http://q3pwnz.org/download/
17/04/2020 22:52:31
Lame: also i thought there's irc for pickups or not in fashion anymore?
17/04/2020 22:51:53
Para: lol Amsterdam*
17/04/2020 22:51:37
Lame: Nice start ... people called 1red and after join - ban xd
17/04/2020 22:50:36
Para: De servers zijn extern gehost in Amsterdamn. In datacente AMS-1.
17/04/2020 21:15:32
Floop1E: Para heb jij zelf een server of host je dit allemaal extern?