04/07/2020 15:42:19
Bless: Ooo Para not kneel. Gut.
04/07/2020 09:47:52
Para: g0ldg0ld, im not hosting these servers anymore, a friend took over but its hosted on a company fault tolerance server and it was needed. Unfortunately there is no fancy hacking story
04/07/2020 09:43:18
Para: There has been some "black lives matter" comments on the servers lately. q3pwnz does not support this and it never will. All lives matter, don't expect special treatment simply because you are black.
03/07/2020 23:30:54
cos: la-bilasse#0350
03/07/2020 23:30:04
cos: anyone can add me on discord to help to configure q3?
03/07/2020 19:15:34
Gold: Is it because the lockdown ends in the UK tomorrow? O_o hahahahahaha
03/07/2020 19:15:14
Gold: Is it because the lockdown in the UK tomorrow? O_o hahahahahaha
03/07/2020 19:14:46
Gold: What happened?? Para did the servers and website get hacked!?
03/07/2020 17:44:28
Para: The issues should be resolved. There is a small chance it will act up again, which means the servers will stil down untill monday. But it should be good again.
02/07/2020 00:24:36
Gold: Anybody beat my record on jumprun yet? loool
02/07/2020 00:23:40
Gold: Paraaa ;P
02/07/2020 00:23:20
Gold: Defrag with us @ on Para tricks server
02/07/2020 00:22:35
Gold: * shout out * to my homies daemia, sheep and kikyo
28/06/2020 05:04:50
Gold: set /r_intensity to 1 which is the default setting.
26/06/2020 11:29:44
Para: Unfortunately it is your cfg.
26/06/2020 11:27:41
...: maps on serwers AW, FFA is so bright. Someone change someting? or this is my cfg crash?
26/06/2020 10:56:06
Para: Sure, post it. But it should indeed be a decent amount of minutes.
25/06/2020 22:20:16
sa: Ok I will, typically as I started recording he left the game lol! his name was Danger so next time, I'll post it on your forum
25/06/2020 22:17:38
Gold: record a demo, upload it and post the link here.
25/06/2020 22:14:57
sa: Hey theres someone using autoshoot in one of your servers, how do we report it?
25/06/2020 02:21:38
Para: The map works with vertexlight.
25/06/2020 00:40:48
K!kyo: Hah good to see you Para. I think the para tricks server needs a forced map change or reboot. The map on it is too big apparently. Can't get into it.
24/06/2020 16:22:43
Para: Sup kikyo. Long time no see.
23/06/2020 22:51:34
K!kyo: Sup everyone, hope you are all doing well.
23/06/2020 20:40:39
Gold: Happy fragging! pwnz some a**
23/06/2020 20:36:46
Gold: https://www.youtube.com/user/q3gold
23/06/2020 20:34:41
Gold: https://ws.q3df.org/map/jumprun/
23/06/2020 20:34:36
Gold: Guys visit 'Para tricks' server if you like defrag. All quake 3 maps can be downloaded from
23/06/2020 20:32:47
Gold: I hold the world record for jumprun defrag map. If anybody wants to challenge on it, type a message.
22/06/2020 09:15:23
Kitty: Meowmeowmeowmeow
21/06/2020 19:02:07
Gold: Nice one paraa the big G =p
21/06/2020 02:44:18
Para: Servers look stable to me. I will ask admin if there was a spike earlier. http://q3pwnz.org/download/q3_NG_master.exe for the q3 executable that uses the NoGhost master server, so you can still see most popular servers still in game.
20/06/2020 23:13:48
Gold: Get the servers to stop lagging
20/06/2020 23:13:37
Gold: Para you are gay!
20/06/2020 17:49:09
Para: Please do.
20/06/2020 15:51:59
..: Shall i post demos of suspected cheaters when I spot them?
20/06/2020 15:51:09
.: There are a few easy to spot cheaters in the "i can't aim" server
20/06/2020 15:50:37
.: I watched the demo, 150 in 8 isn't anything special..
20/06/2020 15:30:34
.: Are you both below talking about Makal1ty?
19/06/2020 15:30:18
Para: Yup, same person.
19/06/2020 12:37:51
admin: i think he is telling you to piss off. is this that pedos skiddie razors friend?
19/06/2020 12:24:51
Para: Standard half a year ban. The same ban as danger had before. And you really think you protect the community with autofire and come up with a dumb lie? That just sounds as dumb and childish as your best friend sounds.
19/06/2020 10:43:08
Para: I'm not defending anybody. I am only here to ban a caught cheater.
18/06/2020 12:37:24
???: Visor and Uriel Zael found new puppet. Poor guy Makality.
17/06/2020 23:38:14
Makal1ty: who said it's danger... search and look somewhere when i write that i am just telling u are defending a named player who do bad things to community and i won't say it here because it can ruin the community... hopefully there are not enough player who know that ...
17/06/2020 17:08:29
???: and of course, "by an accident', culprit "danger" showed himself before the biggest whiner of this community, who is known for recording his bullshits. All accidents. Good timing. Sounds like someone is teaming against Danger. Not nice guys. Three heads against one.
17/06/2020 16:46:01
Para: Sure, Danger hacked you just to cheat with his own nick but with your ip. Sounds totally plausible. Did your dog happened to eat your homework often too?
17/06/2020 13:53:13
Makal1ty: I just watched the demo, it was not me... but indeed i think someone hacked in someway my pc but it's possible anyway i have no protection last months and a lot of internet problem... now i know why
17/06/2020 12:55:12
???: What is that shit ? it was just not me doing it, i just gone there to ask someone to come play 1v1 on all weapons (i played there earlier in that week) and i don't have such cheat i just have danger's clientmod in my folder
17/06/2020 10:02:58
mhm: oh ok, i thought it was danger based on the name alone